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Snow Plows Manufactured by Sno-Pro and SnowDogg

Cap and Hitch of New England sells and installs snow plows. Beat the snow this winter and equip your fullsize or even your downsized truck, with a plow. We can even equip you with vehicle with strobe lights, beacon/roof mount lights, back up sensors/alarms and anything else you may need. 

Snow Plows

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Snow Plowing Equipment

  • Snow Plows
  • Strobes & Flashers
  • Suspension Enhancement
  • Sanders
  • Backup Alarms


  • Installation of anything we sell
    • Maintenance of existing equipment
      • Annual Plow Maintenance Package only $99!
        • Drain and replace hydraulic fluid
        • Re-torque frame mount and plow hardware
        • Clean and grease electrical connectors
      • Repairs
        • Replace broken mount and frame Parts
        • Replace broken hydraulic lines
        • Replace Cutting Edges
        • Electrical and Hydraulic Diagnostics

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