Pendaliner Bedliner


Protect your investment and install a bed liner in your truck. We do not offer spray in bed liners since we feel they are ineffective at really protecting your vehicle or your cargo. If you throw a something heavy in the bed of a truck with a spray in, it still dents the bed rather easily. Bed liners add an additional layer of protection between your cargo and your trucks bed. Especially in newer trucks where the bed metal is thinner to save weight.

While spray-on liners have become more popular, they have some serious issues that liner buyers should understand. First, to apply the spray-on liner, the truck bed’s paint must be scuffed or removed prior to application, which can void the truck’s paint warranty. Since they must be applied by a professional, the quality of the spray-on liner depends on the person applying it. Once applied, the spray-on liner cannot be removed. Spray-ons also can be very susceptible to wear and weathering, which can cause them to look hazy or appear used after only a short time. Moreover, they do nothing to protect cargo.

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