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Cap & Hitch of New England is a Curt Platinum Preferred Installer

Being a Curt Platinum Preferred Installer doesn’t come easy, and that means you can bring your vehicle to us for your installation and be confident the job will be done right to the specifications provided to us by Curt. Don’t rely on the competition to do your installation. We use Curt direct connect wiring as well as other brands. Some of our local competitors use cheap universal wiring kits that splice into your factory wiring. Curt direct connect kits plug into your vehicles existing connectors and come with a 1 year warranty. This means no warranty issues on your new vehicle since there are built in modules that prevent electrical back feed into your vehicle in the event of a short in your trailer wiring. This protects the expensive computer systems that control the lighting in your vehicle.

Curt Manufacturing strives to be the first-to-market for new vehicle releases which means no matter how new your vehicles, chances are that we have a trailer hitch and wiring kit available for it.

Curt Trailer Hitch Features

  • Closed-end main bodies to prevent water entering the hitch body to prevent rusting from the inside out
  • Precision robotic welding ensures strength and superior, industry leading fit on your vehicle
  • Gloss Powder coating finish is a step above the rest
  • Select hitches are also available in 10 different colors to better match your vehicle creating the ultimate towing package

Check out our photo gallery to see Curt towing products installed (under towing products-Trailer hitches).

Want to do your own installation? Visit our Online Store to purchase Curt towing products and have them shipped right to your door. Using Curt manufacturing’s nationwide warehouse system, means we can get a hitch to your door within 2-3 days no matter where in the 48 states you are located. We also ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. Contact us for a quote!

For more information about Curt Hitches, visit Curt Manufacturing’s website Here or check out some videos below!



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